Brand Expansion Services

With the arrival of newly elected Members of Congress, as well as the arrival of newly appointed Ambassadors from key US trading partners from around the world, the demand to interact with these important policy makers becomes even more urgent.  It is clear that a need exists for you to continue to expand your contacts among these recently arrived policy makers, in addition to strengthening your relationships with them in the most cost-effective way.  

In the current uncertain political times, you will need LPC’s team to maintain and expand your contacts in order to obtain valuable information, cultivate political support for your issues, and identify additional allies, while incurring minimal costs to manpower and resources to ensure that the best decisions are made when carrying out your business plans and policy goals.  LPC can and will help you expand your brand among key policy leaders.

  • Periodic and Targeted Client Hill Briefings for Congressional and Federal Agency Staff
  • Networking Events with Public and Private Sector Policy Makers
  • Networking Events with the Diplomatic Community
  • Intimate Private Functions with Members of Congress, Congressional and Federal Agency Staff, Diplomats and Private Sector Community
  • Congressional and Diplomatic Panel Discussions at National and International Conferences
  • Tour of Client Facilities with Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, Local and Regional Leadership, Diplomats, and other Dignitaries
  • Meet and Greet Events with Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, Local and Regional Leadership hosted in Washington, DC or at Client Facilities