Boeing grounds planes after Colorado air scare

After a mid-air scare over Colorado, Boeing is grounding more than 100 of its planes. An engine aboard a United Airlines flight burst into flames, sending debris raining down to the ground below. The incident is now under investigation. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the latest, then former NTSB official Jamie Finch shares his analysis.

Can You Fly Safely This Holiday Season?

Numerous politicians are asking people to stay at home this holiday season, but there is an uptick in air travel in spite of their warnings. Should travelers be concerned with the risks of flying commercial airlines? Former NTSB official Jamie Finch joins News.Views.Hughes to share his expertise.

Jamie Finch, former director of Government, Family and Planning Affairs at the NTSB, discusses the result of a federal investigation into aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing.

Indonesia will be the first government to formally blame Boeing for the deadly malfunction on the Max 8 jet that killed more than 300 people aboard a Lion Air flight in October 2018. Indonesian investigators will submit their report to the NTSB and FAA for review. Former NTSB official Jamie Finch discusses the scandal (13:31).

Int’l air safety panel to grill FAA

An international air safety panel is criticizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a lack of oversight over Boeing and its certification process. The infamous Boeing 737 Max8 crashes caused more than 300 deaths. Former director of Government, Public and Family Affairs at the National Transportation Safety Board Jamie Finch joins Scottie Nell Hughes to share his expertise.

Former director for the Office of Government, Public, and Family Affairs at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights on the investigation into Boeing and its doomed 737 Max8 project.

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